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32 of Scarlett Johansson’s Best Red Carpet Moments From 1997 Onwards

In addition to being an actress, an advocate, a skincare brand founder, a mom, among many others, Scarlett Johansson is also one of the most beautiful and best dressed women in Hollywood. And, with two of these powers combined, she’s become one of the stars we most look forward to grace the carpet.

Talking to Vogue last year about her style, she explained that her red carpet looks are where she can truly let go. “In my own life, I wear a lot of neutral colors, I wear a lot of plain clothing,” she said. “I guess when I’m on the red carpet I’m more daring I think with the colors I wear just because it feels like, why not?”

Also in the interview, she talked about how her style, since becoming a child actor at just seven years old, has changed through time. “I feel more like myself  the older I get and I think it’s reflected on how I look,” she said, adding “that’s something I feel very proud of.”

So, in honor of the star’s birthday today, we’ve looked back at some of her best red carpet looks over the years. To take a trip down memory lane, scroll below!

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