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Brad Pitt ‘fights back’ after son Pax called him ‘an a**hole’ in Instagram post

Pitt's teenage son reportedly said he made his 'four youngest children tremble in fear'

Brad Pitt finds it “depressing” to see his son’s Instagram post calling him “world-class a**hole” and an “awful human” being brought up, according to reports.

Pax Jolie-Pitt, 19, published a scathing rant about the 59-year-old movie star on Father’s Day in 2020.

The teenager, 16 at the time, said the Hollywood star made his four youngest children “tremble in fear” and “made the lives of those closest to Pax a constant hell”, according to a screengrab revealed by on Monday.

A source within Pitt’s inner circle has since responded, saying: “It’s frustrating to see Brad being painted as some kind of ‘bad person’ when it’s far from the truth.”

The Sun went on to quote them adding that Pitt has “great respect” for his children, arguing it “speaks volumes he chooses to keep a dignified silence” about the situation.

The full Instagram post from 2020, reportedly written by Pax, says: “Happy Father’s Day to this world-class a***hole!

“You time and time and again prove yourself to be a terrible and despicable person.


“You have no consideration or empathy toward your four youngest children who tremble in fear when in your presence. You will never understand the damage you have done to my family because you are incapable of doing so.

“You have made the lives of those closest to me a constant hell. You may tell yourself and the world whatever you want, but the truth will come to light someday.

“So, Happy Father’s Day, you f***ing awful human being!”

The message was supposedly posted to Pax’s private story – an account used mostly for school friends – but was shared with the media this week.

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