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Gigi Hadid Slammed as ‘Social Media Terrorist’ After Sharing Instagram Post Falsely Claiming Israel Abducted a ‘Child Prisoner of War’

A mere month after she was rebuked by the Israeli government for sharing a meme condemning the country’s response to the Hamas terror attack that left more than 1,200 Israelis dead, model Gigi Hadid is being engulfed with massive backlash for posting (and then deleting) a photo that falsely portrayed a Palestinian terrorist as a “child prisoner of war.”

Hadid’s propaganda post to her 79 million Instagram followers featured a photo of Ahmed Manasra at 13 — the age he was when he went on a stabbing spree in 2015 — and a recent image of the convicted attempted murderer.

Manasra critically wounded two Israelis and was ultimately sentenced to 9 1/2 in prison.

In her viral screed, Hadid also accused Israel of “raping and murdering” innocent people.

“Israel is the only country in the world that keeps CHILDREN AS PRISONERS OF WAR.’ She goes on to bizarrely write the words, ‘ABDCUTION, RAPE, HUMILIATION, TORTURE, MURDER, OF PALESTINIANS YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS BEFORE Oct 7 2023,” Hadid’s post read.

Backlash was swift — with Instagram users branding Hadid a “social media terrorist,” slamming her for spreading propaganda — likely prompting the American model to delete the post.

Hadid’s post went up on the same day that hostages were released by the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

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