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Kylie Jenner Tells Jennifer Lawrence About Her ‘Opposite Dynamics’ With Sister Kendall Jenner

Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence recently interviewed fashion and beauty mogul Kylie Jenner for Interview magazine. While discussing everything close to her heart, Jenner revealed the ‘opposite dynamics’ she shares with her sister Kendall Jenner. “You and Kendall are so different,” Lawrence pointed out. “We both have this strong presence and personality, but that’s not a bad thing,” the KUWTK alum said of her elder sister.

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“You and me are Leos,” the Mother actress elaborated of herself and Jenner, who were both born in August. “We’re happy, excited golden retrievers. And Kendall, of course, is a Scorpio like our mother, Kris.” Examining their divergent personalities in greater detail, Lawrence questioned Kylie about the similarities between her and Kendall Jenner as well as the ones “that are more difficult to navigate.” To which the mother of two replied, “Her bonding with Stormi has brought us closer. We both have this strong presence and personality, but that’s not a bad thing.” “And you guys aren’t really ever vying for the same thing,” Lawrence continued. “We’re so different between our style and our personality,” the Khy founder responded.


Back in February, Kylie opened up with Vanity Fair magazine about her family business and relationships. The Hulu star revealed that Kim Kardashian is her favorite sister, and Kendall is the one she has “the least in common with.” “It changes over time. Right now, it’s Kim. Kim has changed so much recently. We are very connected; she is always the first sister I call when I need something. We have been going through a lot of similar experiences lately. Kendall, You know what they say, though? Opposites attract. And that’s how it works with us,” she said. Speaking about the life lessons she learned from her famous sisters, she shared: “So let’s see. Khloé taught me tenderness and the ability to forgive; Kendall, the importance of friendship and unconditional love; Kourtney, the value of health and the need to not be superficial; Kim, strength, and the ability to always tell yourself that you can do it, come what may. Kim is really strong, really resilient.

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Kevin Mazur
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Kevin Mazur


Kylie credited momager Kris for being the ‘key to her success’: “My mother is the strongest woman I know. From an early age, she instilled in us the idea that we could do something great. I don’t know how she does it, but she always manages to be perfect, perfect in every moment. As long as I was living at home with her, she was my mom. When I left home, she became my best friend. As far as business is concerned, my mother is my bulldog and my protector. I respect her so much.” While concluding the interview, The Kardashians star added that her family inspires her to do better. “My children. And my family,” she ended.

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